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The Secret Scroll - Andrew Sinclair

The Secret Scroll - Andrew Sinclair
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Izdavač: Sinclair-Stevenson London
Šifra artikla: 35943
Raspoloživ: Nema na stanju
Cena: 300.00 din.

The Secret Scroll
"Sinclair-Stevenson" London 2001.
tvrdi povez, dobro očuvana
sa potpisom bivšeg vlasnika knjige
na engleskom jeziku, 218 str.

The Secret Scroll is the story of how a little known hanging parchment in a Masonic Lodge in Kirkwall in Orkney has become one of the most important historical documents of the Middle Ages. It is also the story of the Knights Templar, who were its guardians, and of what happened to them after the Crusades.
Although references to this famous Order of military knights rarely appears in standard histories of the time, a great deal of information about them can be gleaned from other, more esoteric sources, such as sculpture and architecture. Suppressed by King Philip of France out of greed, the Templars were gradually driven underground in more and more European countries. Yet they continued to exist, still guarding the knowledge and relics that they had gathered for the defence of the Holy Land. Their legacy from their last refuge at Rosslyn came to Prince Henry St Clair, Earl of Orkney, who reached the New World a hundred years before Columbus. All of these threads are woven together in one extraordinary scroll still in Kirkwall, which reveals in full the secrets of the mysterious Order.

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